New beginnings

Spring picI read yesterday that April takes its name from the Latin word “aperire” which means “to open”. How appropriate then that I have just launched my blog!

Here I am, a little bit scared but still pressing on and daring to open up and share my thoughts with whoever cares to read them.

It is spring, when new buds unfurl and blossom fills your heart with hope for brighter days ahead. At this time of year when the roadsides are lined with trumpets of yellow proclaiming it is time for new beginnings, my resolve to take stock, re-evaluate and nurture new ideas seems stronger. It is easier to stride forward in the new season’s sunshine than in the gloom of long winter days.

So when Dan rolls his eyes and suggests that this is just another of my schemes which light me up for a few days and then linger in forgotten pages of neglected notebooks, I don’t feel discouraged. I feel sure that this is just the start.

I received some lovely comments and messages when I took the plunge on Friday – thank you so very much. I feel reassured that people want to listen and knowing how supportive you are motivates me to do my best.

I have been asked what will I be writing about. I was inspired to begin in particular, by my experiences as a mum returning to work and by issues around my mindset as I turned 40….what now? I am determined to become the best version of me and not feel that I have wasted time and opportunity. I hope that by writing about this it will keep me on the right track and hold me accountable. That said, I will also write about the more every day. I won’t be sharing parenting tips or craft activities to do with your toddler, but inevitably there will be times when family trials and tribulations will feature. I’d like to aim for writing something funny and irreverent as well as soul searching!

So as the girls are playing bare legged in the garden amongst new blooms and the smell of the first freshly mown lawns fills the kitchen, I am excited to be aligned to this wonderful season of growth and light. I am ready for my new chapter.



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